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We offer a turnkey solution to Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. Our goal is to match each individual client with the best possible coach and services for their specific needs, using our network of high-quality coaches and our proprietary coach matching system. We take the hard work out of finding the best coach for you and your employees.

Benefits for Employees Being Coached

  • Meet Your Concierge: Every individual client works with a Concierge, their personal, knowledgeable partner, through scoping the engagement, selecting a coach, and as an additional resource while coaching is underway. Since many of our clients have never worked with a coach before, the Concierge serves as an objective guide to make sure they get the most out of the process.

  • Matching Your Needs: We understand that every company has different goals for setting up a coaching program. We partner with organizations who have one or two employees they want to pair with a coach and companies setting up a broader coaching program for all their leaders. With our deep coach network, we can meet the needs of your business, whether that means finding coaches with deep industry experience, scaling to meet employees in different locations , and working with people across levels of seniority.

  • Your Coach, Your Choice: Each employee getting coached will interview their hand-picked panel of 2-3 coach options and ultimately choose who they want to work with. This gives agency and autonomy to employees in helping them have a meaningful say in their coaching engagement, increasing coaching success and employee engagement. 

  • Single Point of Contact: We enable you to work with a single point of contact to outsource whatever portion of your coaching program you like. Just need quality coaches for a single employee? Need to outsource your whole program including high-potential development and new promotion training? We have got you covered. Either way, you’ll get a customized, consistent engagement lifecycle with the transparency you need.

  • Pre-Vetted, High-Quality Coach Network: We offer a highly curated network of experienced coaches with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and specializations. You just tell us budget ranges and other parameters that you need to manage to, and we will find your employee a matching coach.

  • High-Tech, High-Touch Matching System: We use our proprietary matching system to identify a custom, curated coach panel for each individual client. Combined with customized scopes that can include individual employee content, standardized level-based developmental objectives, or situationally-specific skill development, we help you land demonstrable ROI for each client. 

Benefits for Talent Leadership

Business meeting

Benefits for Executive Leadership

Business Meeting
  • Solve Talent Problems Efficiently & At Scale: Customized scopes incorporate corporate objectives, individual development needs, and other factors unique to your company, with measurement and ROI built in, without significant time involvement from you.

  • Turnkey Solution: Once a relationship is established, all you need to do is send an introductory email our way and leave the rest to us. Our Concierges will guide each employee through the process and provide you reporting on success measures and outcomes along the way.

  • Never Be In The Dark: We can design the program to provide as much or as little transparency as makes sense for the specific coaching client, their situation, and your role, to ensure that all stakeholders can demonstrate their requirements are being met.

  • What types of things can a career coach help you with?
    Coaching is entirely individual, which means that it’s designed around you and your goals. At CoachSelect, we focus on providing career coaching services to help people identify their ideal career path and take action to achieve it. Some clients start by identifying their strengths, their goals, and what’s most important to them in a future career path. Other clients come to us sure of what they want to achieve, but not sure how to get there. Common topics include: identifying your career goals, establishing criteria for what is important in a future role, understanding and enhancing your personal brand, and managing your job search Coaches often get grouped with the likes of Recruiters and Mentors and it is important to distinguish them. Coaches will not strictly place you into a new role. They are there to act as a sounding board and ensure that the moves you are considering making are the moves that will make you the happiest version of you and set you up for continued career success. In other words, they will help you navigate yourself to your new role.
  • How long does a coaching relationship last?
    Generally, coaching engagements last an average of five months, but some engagements are as short as two months while others go on for up to two years. The duration largely depends on a number of individual factors (e.g. the scope of the coaching, your budget, your ideal timeline, and whether or not your plans evolve along with the coaching). We are currently offering standard career coaching transition packages (3-5 months in duration) that are designed to make your job search and transition a more seamless and effective one.
  • What does a typical coaching engagement cost?
    We have coaches in our network at a variety of price points, and we will work with you to find a pool of coaches and services that meet your needs and budget.
  • What do I do if I am not getting the services I need?
    Your Concierge is there for you to answer questions and address any concerns you have throughout your entire coaching engagement, including but not limited to making adjustments to the coaching engagement.
  • How do you decide which coach I am going to work with?
    We use our proprietary Matching System, which includes both a qualitative and quantitative review of all of the information we have received from you to determine up to 3 of the best coach matches from our network. We encourage you to interview each of the proposed coaches so that you can develop a clear understanding of the type of coach that will help you reach your goals. Upon meeting with the coach candidates, the final selection is in your hands, though we are always happy to hop on a quick call to talk through your takeaways from each of the meetings.
  • How much time do I need to commit to coaching?
    As a baseline, we typically tell clients to budget 2-4 hours per month of in-session time as well as the same, roughly 2-4 additional hours per month completing homework and following up on action items. In addition to time, it’s important that you are mentally ready to explore and tackle your goals.
  • What currency do you process payments in?
    Our payments processing system is able to process any currency into USD and we currently accept all major credits cards.
  • What will you do with the data I give you?
    All of the data you give us from our intake and matching survey will be securely encrypted to protect your privacy. We will never share your email or other information with any third parties. Additionally, all of the content of your coaching conversations will be held confidential. While your coach will keep your concierge in the loop about any issues or concerns, the details of every conversation you have with your coach is absolutely confidential. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Still not sure if CoachSelect is the right solution for you? We would be happy to set up a call where we can discuss your company's needs. Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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