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Welcome to CoachSelect

We are a premium dedicated career coaching solution, trusted by buy side finance individuals and companies, with the simple goal of matching you to the best career coach for you.

Whether you’re an executive in private equity, investment management or venture capital, career coaches are here to support your career growth. We commonly see individuals and businesses using career coaches to help them achieve the following goals:

Skill Development

Working with a coach can help individuals develop a personalized professional development roadmap. This can include gaining clarity on strengths and weaknesses, understanding paths for future growth, and targeted coaching on growing specific capabilities.

Promotion Sequence

Help people prepare for promotions and be successful quickly at a new level of responsibility, ranging from identifying and remedying skill gaps preventing a promotion to preparing individuals for upcoming promotions and supporting them as they assume their new roles.

Career Plans

Individuals seeking to take control and plan their career trajectory, ranging from benchmarking their current role against the market to developing their own desired career path and planning the steps to achieve it.

Career Pivots

Individuals considering a career pivot, whether that is changing specialization, investment strategy, part of the industry, or geography. Working with a coach can provide clarity on evaluating trade-offs, sizing the options set of what’s available, and creating a positioning strategy to be an effective candidate.

Active Searches

Individuals engaged in active job searches benefit from thought partnership and guidance navigating a job search including activating a professional network, updating resume and Linkedin profiles, and preparing for effective interviews.

Not all coach-client relationships are created equal! We firmly believe that the match between coach and client is the most important element to a successful coaching engagement, so we’ve built our product around optimizing just that:

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Proprietary Matching System

We consider many factors including your coaching goals, your background and experience, and the results from our psychometric, data-driven survey to hand-pick the best coach matches from our network for you to interview.

Premium Coach Network

Every coach that becomes a part of our coach network is vetted by our team. You can be sure that the coach candidates that we hand-pick from our network are experienced, full-time coaches that have helped clients in similar places reach their goals.

Custom-tailored Engagements

Most of our clients have never worked with a coach before – this is where we come in! Your personal concierge will answer any questions you have and work with you and your coach to design a flexible engagement, tailored to your specific needs.

For more information about the advantages CoachSelect offers, click here.

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